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4.9 stars | 118 reviews
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Stylish Pergolas

Elevate your outdoor living space with the timeless allure of pergolas crafted by Armstrong Construction. We can help you add function, beauty, and shade artfully with our pergola construction skills. Our team has years of experience constructing both freestanding and attached pergolas of all sizes.

Our design team will meet with you to ensure your pergola design complements the surrounding landscape and yard features. Our construction uses only top-quality wood to provide the most professional look possible. We can also add some architectural details to satisfy your personal goals.

Armstrong Construction guarantees a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship.

Attached Pergolas

Enhance the architectural appeal of your home with our expertly crafted attached pergolas. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing outdoor space, our attached pergolas offer a perfect balance of form and function. From providing relief from the sun's rays to serving as an inviting focal point, our attached pergolas are tailored to meet your specific needs and complement your property's aesthetic.

Freestanding Pergolas

Create a captivating oasis in your backyard with our exquisite freestanding pergolas. These standalone structures not only provide shelter and shade but also add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting. Whether you envision a cozy retreat for intimate gatherings or a striking centerpiece for entertaining guests, our freestanding pergolas are expertly crafted to exceed your expectations.

Custom Pergola Designs

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind outdoor sanctuary with our custom pergola designs. Whether you prefer the clean lines of a rectangular pergola, the whimsical charm of a circular structure, or have a unique shape in mind, our skilled craftsmen will bring your vision to life. Partnering with our professional team, you'll have the opportunity to tailor every aspect of your pergola to harmonize seamlessly with your landscape and personal style.

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4.9 stars | 118 reviews
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